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The Office of State Uniform Payroll currently has 24 authorized positions, 22 of which are in the Civil Service Accounting Series. These positions have been separated into three payroll units: Benefits and Financial Administration, Garnishment Administration, and Wage and Tax Administration.

Benefits & Financial Administration Unit

The Benefits and Financial Administration Unit (BFA Unit) is responsible for completing the processing of payments to all employees (including travel payments made to employees) and approximately 75 vendors (e.g. Group Benefits, agency meals, uniforms and housing, statewide vendors, START, United Way, Union Dues); processing agency requests for employee EFT bank reversals, system reversals and replacements, and stop pay requests; reviewing annually all current or new statewide vendor applications to ensure vendor compliance with the Payroll Deduction Rule and to report vendor application information to the Employee Payroll Benefits Committee (EPBC) for review; reconciling the payroll and travel clearing funds in the Advanced Financial System (AFS) to the LaGov Human Capital Management (HCM); reviewing the payroll and travel posting to AFS for any J5 rejects and notifying all agencies affected; reviewing the payroll and travel ACH return/correction report daily and notifying agencies of corrected bank information for employee direct deposits; processing the aged outstanding and abandoned property processes in LaGov HCM.


Garnishment Administration Unit

The Garnishment Administration Unit (GA Unit) is responsible for establishing, maintaining and monitoring all statewide actions associated with garnished wage notices and judgments as related to child support, federal and state tax levies, administrative wage assignments, medical support orders, alimony, student loans and bankruptcy orders impacting approximately 434 creditors and 3000 employees through the LaGov HCM; making payments and releasing (stopping) garnishments through OSUP controlled fields in LaGov HCM; investigating all laws pertaining to these garnishments and including basis for payments and prioritizing. The GA Unit is also responsible for establishing, maintaining and monitoring records related to the repayment of employee wages (regular, special, overtime, and term pay) paid in error in accordance with state and federal laws.


Wage & Tax Administration Unit

The Wage and Tax Administration Unit (WTA Unit) is responsible for the proper, accurate and timely reporting and payment of federal and Louisiana state taxes, multiple state taxes, retirement, and tax shelters; special LaGov HCM processing of adjustments to W-2 and W-2c items; reconciliation, preparation and reporting of Forms 941, W-2, and 1099 (for interest payments and payments for deceased employees) and all other tax related reports and/or forms. The unit stays current on all legal requirements, reports necessary changes for inclusion in LaGov HCM processes and generates related OSUP memorandum to agencies.

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