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Numerical OSUP Memorandums are issued to advise agencies of policies and procedures issued by the Division of Administration and/or the Office of State Uniform Payroll, changes to federal or state laws regarding payroll related issues, information regarding withholding and/or report changes, etc. Agency specific attachments are not available on this website. These are sent via email to the agency Human Resource Director and Employee Administrator. Memorandums can be accessed by clicking on the links provided below. A copy of OSUP memorandums not available on the OSUP website will be furnished to agencies on request.

All OSUP memorandums are electronically mailed to agency Employee Administrators and HR Directors who have subscribed to the OIS Human Resource System Electronic Notification listserv. Agency personnel who wish to receive memos electronically must self-subscribe to the HR Employee Administration Electronic Notification listserv. For HR Directors, Employee Administration Managers and others who have already subscribed to this listserv to receive memorandums and other correspondence from OIS through email, no action is required. To self-subscribe to the listserv click on the link provided below and follow the instructions provided there.

OIS Human Resource System Electronic Notification Listserv

Memos by Fiscal Year:

OSUP Memos FY 15-16   OSUP Memos FY 14-15 
OSUP Memos FY 13-14  OSUP Memos FY 12-13
OSUP Memos FY 11-12 OSUP Memos FY 10-11
OSUP Memos FY 09-10 OSUP Memos FY 08-09
OSUP Memos FY 07-08 OSUP Memos FY 06-07
OSUP Memos FY 05-06 OSUP Memos FY 04-05
OSUP Memos FY 03-04 OSUP Memos FY 02-03
OSUP Memos FY 01-02 OSUP Memos FY 00-01
OSUP Memos FY 99-00 OSUP Memos FY 98-99
OSUP Memos FY 97-98