January 21, 1999


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Mid-West National Life Insurance Company Payroll Deduction Slot

The Office of State Uniform Payroll has done a preliminary review of participation amounts for the miscellaneous vendors. In this review, we have found that Mid-West National Life Insurance Company does not meet the participation requirements as set forth in the Payroll Deduction Rule. As a result, this vendor will lose their payroll deduction slot effective the first payday in July, 1999. All deductions for Mid-West will be automatically stopped for the first payday in July.

Mid-West is responsible for notifying employees of this change. Attached is a list, if applicable, from Mid-West of employee policy information. Mid-West has asked that each agency verify the address for each employee in order for them to have a current address to send the notification to the employee. If there are any discrepancies in the addresses, please contact Ellie Ewen at 800-725-7887 ext 787. Notification to Mid-West of changes should be made by February 8, 1999, so that the letters to the employees can be mailed prior to open enrollment.

Mid-West is offering employees the option to keep their current policy and make payments either through bank draft or invoice. As always, employees may also choose to drop the policy and/or pick up coverage through another eligible miscellaneous vendor. However, if the deduction is currently being sheltered under the Flexible Benefits (Cafeteria) Plan, the deduction cannot be stopped until after the final payday in June 1999.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the User Services Unit at (225):

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c: Ray Harrison, Group Benefits

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