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In an effort to provide Louisiana state employees with information about accounts available from Louisiana financial institutions for compliance with Mandatory Direct Deposit, the following links to two searchable databases are being provided.  

To search for banks in Louisiana: FDIC Institution Directory 
On this page select "Find All, Offices", then enter one or more criteria required to search on this page (i.e. zip code; state; city; or all of these), then select "Find".  Click on the bank's name to get more information about the bank, including a link to their website for account information.

To search for credit unions in Louisiana: NCUA Credit Union Data 
On this page enter a state and/or city, then select "Find".  Click on the credit union's charter number to get more information about the credit union, including a link to their website for account information. 


The mandatory direct deposit rule for employees became effective on July 1, 2002.

The rule can be found under Title 4 "Administration" on the Office of State Register's website beginning with chapter 3 on page 19. 

On March 19, 2001 the new ISIS HR Payroll system went live. All employees should be using the new Direct Deposit Enrollment Forms (OSUP/F12A and OSUP/F12B) referenced in OSUP Memorandum #2001-45.

Submit all forms to your agency's payroll office. Please do not submit Direct Deposit correspondence directly to OSUP.

The following memorandums were issued concerning Mandatory Direct Deposit.

These memorandums were prepared for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click on this icon Lint to Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Instructionsto download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader free. You will need this program to read the memos and view the forms.


EFT Reversals
Agencies can use the link below to send an email to request an EFT be reversed. All requests must be sent by the EA Manager or HR Director, or the EA Manager/HR Director must be copied in the email that is sent to OSUP.


To ensure that you receive calls and e-mails in a timely manner, please submit any agency updates as soon as possible using the form below. The updated form can be faxed to (225) 219-4432.

OSUP Agency Contact Information form OSUP/F71 (R 10/09)