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The Office of State Uniform Payroll is responsible for the administration of the rules governing state employee payroll deductions. Products that are authorized through the Office of State Uniform Payroll are for all state employees and all state agencies of the executive branch of state government as defined under R.S. 36:4. The only exception to this is higher education facilities overseen by a Governing Board. The Governing Board has the authority to approve additional products or remove any product per the Boards' established policies.

Anytime an employee has a change of address or name change, they must notify each vendor they have a payroll deduction with.

Beginning in 2015, premiums for statewide insurance products eligible for the flexible benefits plan will be taken out of employees' paychecks before tax.  Also, employees will only be able to enroll or make changes to their deductions for these products during the annual enrollment period (usually during the month of October), unless they experience a qualifying event (defined by the IRS).  An employee that experiences an IRS qualfying event must submit a written request to both the vendor and their payroll office to make changes to their payroll deduction. An employee signed SED-4 reflecting this change will be required before the deduction can be changed in the LaGov HCM payroll system.

Statewide vendor deductions that are not taken due to an employee being on LWOP, not being due any wages, or not being paid enough wages to take the deduction are the employee's responsibility to pay directly to the vendor. Payments made outside of the payroll system are not pre-taxed.