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The Office of Finance and Support Services provides accounting services and financial management reporting to the Division of Administration as well as various offices and agencies within the Executive Department, the Board of Regents, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Office also provides similar services to the Louisiana Office Facilities Corporation, Louisiana Correctional Facilities Corporation and to the wide range of appropriations, programs, and services funded under Schedule 20 of the General Appropriation Act. In addition, the office administers and controls the financial aspects of the Louisiana Equipment and Acquisition Fund (LEAF).
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  • The Budget unit has primary responsibility for budget related services including budget development and preparation, financial analysis, preparing budget adjustments (BA-7's), and making necessary budget adjustments in the ISIS system. This unit also provides the contract review function for the Division of Administration.
  • The Governmental Funds unit is responsible for the receipt and classification of revenues, cash management, billings for goods and services provided, expenditure analysis, federal and state monthly/quarterly financial reporting, and the preparation of the annual state financial statements.
  • The Payment Management unit processes payments for the Division of Administration and various agencies/appropriations with the exception of the LEAF program and the Division of Administration's internal service funds. These payments include vendor, contract and travel payments.
  • The Proprietary Funds and Corporation unit provides a wide range of financial management and accounting services for several internal service funds within the Division of Administration (Administrative Services, LA Property Assistance, Federal Property Assistance, Flight Maintenance and Administrative Support), financing activities of the Louisiana Equipment Acquisition Fund (LEAF), and accounting services for the Louisiana Office Facilities Corporation and the Louisiana Correctional Facilities Corporation.
  • The Purchasing unit is responsible for providing training and support to the Division of Administration's purchasing coordinators as well as the other agencies serviced by the section, and for reviewing and approving purchase requests for goods, services, and repairs in accordance with the State's procurement code and the small purchases executive order.