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Interim Director

Tel: (225) 342-7097
Fax: (225) 342-8369

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Quarterly Reports on Small Purchase and Special Delegation Contracts/Amendments
Frequently Asked Questions About Quarterly Reporting 

1. What should I include on my quarterly report?

The minimum amount of information recommended to be provided is included on the Excel spreadsheet template provided below.

2. Is there an OCR prefered format for quarterly reports?

The following excel documents are OCR's preferred format and provide all the minimum information required for our records.  If these documents do not meet your agencies needs you may use any format that provides the minimum required information.

Click here  for a sample report for Small Purchases. 

If your agency has a special delegation, a separate report must be submitted.  Click here  for Special Delegation report.

3. When are quarterly reports due?

Quarterly reports are due no later than 45 days after the end of the quarter for which the report covers.

1st QTR - Due November 15th
2nd QTR - Due February 15th
3rd QTR - Due May 15th
4th QTR - Due August 15th

4. Where should Quarterly reports be sent?

Mail to:

Office of Contractual Review
1201 North 3rd Street
7th Floor, Suite 210
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

5. Can reports be faxed to OCR?

Yes, OCR does accept faxed quarterly reports.  Faxed reports must be accompanied by cover sheets that clearly identify "Quarterly Reports".  The fax number is 225.342.8369.  If faxed, please do not follow up with a mailed or emailed copy.

6. Can reports be emailed to OCR?

Yes.  They should be emailed to with a transmittal cover letter.  In the subject line of the email please state: quarterly report/applicable quarter/agency name (i.e. Quarterly Report_1st Quarter 2011_DOTD)