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Procurement Support Team

What is the OCR Procurement Support Team (PST)?

The Procurement Support Team is created in both statute and rule; R.S.39:1496 and LAC 34:V, Subchapter C.  The PST serves as an advisory group to the Director of the Office of Contractual Review for certain consulting services contracts.  Its members include representatives from the Attorney General's office, the Legislative Fiscal Office, the state agency initiating the contract, and the Office of Contractual Review.

When is PST review required? 

IT consulting services exceeding $100,000 require PST review of the RFP, the selection process, and the subsequent contract. Sole source and emergency IT consulting services contracts exceeding $100,000 also require PST review. All other consulting services anticipated to cost $140,000 or more will require PST review of the RFP, the selection process, and subsequent contract only if required by the director of the Office of Contractual Review.

When does PST meet?

The PST meets every three weeks throughout the year. OCR reserves the right at any time to cancel and re-schedule in the event of conflict with members' schedules.

2014 SCHEDULE OF PST MEETINGS   (revised 4/2/14)

2013 SCHEDULE OF PST MEETINGS  (revised 6/10/13)

Guidelines for submitting an RFP for PST review:

For RFP's and contracts requiring review by the PST, the agency should submit one copy of the completed RFP or unsigned final negotiated contract to OCR at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the next scheduled PST meeting. (It is advisable for the RFP to be submitted in electronic format if possible to  Please mark the documents clearly and include a cover memo advising OCR of the request for PST review.  In the subject line of the email, state as follows: RFP title/ for PST review/ agency name.

For contracts including information technology consulting services, the agency must also provide OCR with a copy of an approved IT-10 from the Office of Information Technology when submitting the RFP or contract, or an explanation of why an IT-10 is not required.  Information from OIT about this process can be found here:

The standard Information Technology/Data Processing consulting contract format has been approved for use by the Office of Contractual Review and the Procurement Support Team (PST). Therefore, contracts on this format may be reviewed more quickly and with fewer rewrites. Revisions to this format should be redlined or highlighted when submitted for PST review and approval.

OCR will review the document and advise the agency of any changes to the RFP or contract which may be necessary. OCR will distribute a copy of the RFP or contract to each PST member at least seven (7) calendar days before the next PST. When submitting a contract for PST review, the final negotiated contract should be unsigned (this includes sole source or emergency contracts). Agencies who use ISIS shall not change the status of the CFMS contract record to "SCR" until after PST approval is received and the final executed contract is submitted to OCR. 

Contracts awarded through an RFP should be submitted to OCR for PST review with the documents and information requested here

When submitting sole source or emergency contracts for PST review, the documentation submitted with the unsigned contract should include:

  • A sole source or emergency justification letter from the agency head
  • If sole source, a letter from the contractor on letterhead stating why the service is a sole source
  • Approved IT-10, if applicable