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Submitting Contracts Awarded through RFP
Procedures for Submitting Contracts Awarded through the Request for Proposals (RFP) Process

In addition to the information and documentation requested on the Suggested Checklist for the Review of Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Service Contracts webpage, contracts awarded through the RFP process should be submitted to OCR with the following supplemental information and documentation.

  • Selection Memorandum signed by agency head, which should include details regarding the procurement and evaluation process (revised 10/2/13)
  • Proof of advertisement in all of the following:   
  1. Two newspapers -The Advocate (the official journal of the state) and in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the state (at least once)
  2. Electronic notification in LaPAC in accordance with LA R.S. 39:1503.  
  3. Verification that the most current Prequalified Offerers List was used to solicit proposers for consulting services contracts or a list of social services providers solicited for social services contracts

     *Consulting services contracts must be advertised for 30 days before the last day that proposals will be accepted, social services contracts for 14 days before the last day that proposals will be accepted and Department of Transportation and Development contracts for 15 days before the last day that proposals will be accepted

  • Summary of grades, including costs for all proposals
  • Copies of individual grading sheets from each evaluator for each proposal, signed by the individual evaluator, if scoring was done individually. If consensus scoring was used, a statement to this effect should accompany the scoring summary
  • Copy of the RFP and any addenda issued. It is advisable to use OCR's RFP template (revised 10/2/13)
  • Questions and answers received and issued, if applicable
  • Winning proposal(s)
  • Award letter(s) and loser letter(s)
  • Contract which includes all standard clauses as well as the Entire Agreement and Order of Precedence clauses and appropriate language regarding independent assurances if key internal controls have been outsourced
  • For IT consulting services, an approved IT-10, if over $100,000 and if required by the Office of Information Technology