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LaGov Interim Support Group

Accounts Payable Information for Vendors

OSRAP is the accounts payable central control agency for vendor master data and 1099 reporting in the LaGov ERP.

OSRAP is responsible for the following:

  • Unblocking vendors who have registered through Supplier Self Registration - Newly registered vendors are required to submit a completed IRS Form W-9 to the ISG.  No payments can be issued until the W-9 information is verified and the vendor is unblocked. 

  • Enrolling vendors in direct deposit - Vendors are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit, as electing to receive payments through direct deposit can result in receiving payments faster.  Vendors interested in enrolling in direct deposit must submit a Direct Deposit Form to OSRAP.  All direct deposit payments will be identified as "LAGOV VENDOR PYMT".

  • Printing and mailing IRS Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-S - The ISG will provide these forms to vendors who meet the federal criteria, and will also submit this information to the IRS.

If you have questions regarding the requirements for having a vendor record unblocked, enrolling in direct deposit, or questions pertaining to IRS Form 1099, contact OSRAP via email at DOA-OSRAP-LAGOV@LA.GOV or call (225) 219-6888.  Completed W-9 or Direct Deposit forms may be emailed, or they can be faxed to (225) 342-0960.

Other Useful Links for LaGov Vendors: 

  • LaGov Supplier Self Service (SUS) – Click here to register as a vendor.  Questions regarding the registration process, a locked ID, forgotten password, or forgotten vendor number should be directed to the Vendor Registration Help Line at (225) 342-6349.

  • Vendor Payment Inquiry - Click here to access SUS and view payment information for checks and direct deposit transactions.  All direct deposit detail, as well as additional check stub detail, is provided through SUS.

  • Vendor Payment Processing - Click here to access vendor payment processing information on the Office of State Uniform Payroll's (OSUP) website, including the LaGov vendor payment schedule.



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