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2014 News Archives
12.12.14 709 State Vehicles To Be Sold at Auction
11.21.14 Division of Administration Announces Mid-Year Deficit Elimination Plan
11.07.14 OGB Provides Updated Plan Options for Retirees and State Employees
10.30.14 Division of Administration Asks Legislators to Help Progress Bond Issue
10.17.14 Data Policy Violation Prompts New Statewide Data Security Policies
10.15.14 Bond Commission to Consider Funding Hospital, Highway, Port and Community Projects across Louisiana
10.15.14 Administration to Present Surplus Details Friday
10.10.14 Commissioner Nichols Names New Executive Counsel
10.09.14 2014 Ends with $178 Million Surplus
10.08.14 State Employees Get Merit Increases
09.30.14 The Office of Group Benefits Extends Annual Enrollment Period
09.24.14 Commissioner Nichols and the Office of Group Benefits Contest False Information
09.19.14 OGB to Begin Rule Promulgation Process
09.18.14 OGB Plan Changes Save $18.3 Million in First Two Months of FY15
09.15.14 The Office of Group Benefits Announces Annual Enrollment Website
09.15.14 State Combined Charitable Campaign to Kick Off
09.11.14 Commissioner of Administration and Retirement Board Approve Cost of Living Increase for Law Enforcement
08.28.14 New Technology Office Saved $5.6 Million in Two Months
08.01.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces $1.7 Million in Savings from Bond Refinancing
07.28.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces $8.2 Million in Savings from Bond Refinancing
07.01.14 New State Technology Division Begins Operations
06.02.14 Governmental Efficiencies Project Identifies $2.7 Billion in Potential Cost Savings
05.30.14 OGB Launches New Wellness Initiative
04.25.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces Meghan Parrish as Director of Communications for the Division of Administration
06.02.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces the Completion of Baton Rouge State Office Building Sale
02.19.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces Sale of State Highway Improvement Revenue Bonds
02.14.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces Ruth Johnson as Deputy Commissioner of Administration
02.11.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces the Sale of $496 Million in Bonds
01.24.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces Appointment of OGB Interim CEO
01.22.14 Governor's FY 15 Executive Budget to Fully Fund Merit Increases For State Employees
01.21.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces the Sale of Point Clair Farm
01.15.14 State Announces Strategic Plan After Adjustment of Revenue Forecast
01.03.14 Commissioner Nichols Announces Governmental Efficiencies Management Support Contract
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